The Characteristics of the Ideal Local Landing Page

Businessman holding a laptop with an landing page Landing pages are an important aspect of any online marketing campaign; localizing it allows you to maximize your reach and convert at a higher rate. An expert on local SEO here in Denver cites the following characteristics of an effective landing page.

The Context and Ad Copy

A localized landing page provides you with the opportunity to tighten your brand message further. This allows you to funnel a visitor further down the sales channel by speaking to them in the language they use and understanding their context for searching.

Include the appropriate keywords and geo-targeting to convert at a higher rate.

The Headline

Before a potential customer clicks on a link, the headline of the page must convince them to do so. It must layout your position and engages a person. This must contain an apt and precise delivery of your brand’s message and value proposition.

Provide them with reasons they should choose you over the competition that sells similar products and services.

Product Features and Benefits

The landing page allows you to be more specific in your messaging; include the product specifications and noteworthy features when you write the content. This enables potential customers to determine if you can solve their problems.

Provide all the details such as contact information, promotions, possible discounts and other services included after a purchase. A visitor must also know the advantages of choosing your brand; list these down as these may lead them further down the sales funnel.

Social Proof

Including reviews, testimonials, facts and even research further establishes your brand as an authority. Provide your target market with evidence beyond any doubt that you can solve their problems and your products make legitimate claims.

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These are some of the characteristics to include on your localized landing page. Including these increase a page’s ranking in the results, which enables you to reach a wider audience that is likely to convert.