The Seeds of Success: Why Office Plants are Good for Business

Workplace in WiriWe all want an office that provides a comfortable working environment. Business owners try different things or strategies to achieve the ideal setup and help workers feel better about their surroundings. If you are one of those looking for an effective way to improve your workspace, adding plants could be one of your best options.

Inspiring and Stimulating

When designing or renovating an office, you must achieve a balance between aesthetics and comfort. Create a workspace you will actually want to work in. Placing potted plants strategically in your office is a way to develop an inspiring and stimulating environment. A little foliage enhances the mood and creates a more relaxed ambiance. And because they release oxygen, plants literally breathe life into a space. Add to that the air purifying properties of some species.

Energised and Productive

There is something good about plants that make you smile and feel energized. Adding office plants help workers bloom and perform better. A recent study from the University of Exeter in the UK revealed that plants in the office boost workers’ productivity by almost 20%. The scientists found that employees become happier and more productive when they are seeing plants in their workplace. The results also suggest that foliage improves job satisfaction, intellectual performance and sense of well-being.

Personal Yet Professional points out that achieving a balance between aesthetics, functionality and comfort is important when running an office. There is nothing wrong with injecting a little of your personality into your workspace, but you must keep it professional. Adding plants allows you to do both. It improves your environment without disrupting your normal work routine.

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Let your workers bloom and your business grow by integrating nature into your office setup. You can either buy or rent potted plants, depending on your needs and preferences. Browse online to find suppliers and additional information about the benefits of office plants.