The Year in SEO: Quality is a Good Look in 2017

Backlinks on a blackboardGetting visits on your page is never a bad thing for any business. It may seem like an easy feat to achieve, but having a number of visits does not always turn into leads. Your website will need a steady number of visits that may later mean profit. It also does not help that getting visitors on your website heavily require the help of search engines. Search engines like Google or Bing, however, keep their algorithms updated so rankings are not fixed.

Keeping your website on top of search results guarantees it with large traffic. It would not be possible if your knowledge of SEO remains underdeveloped. Your chosen Denver SEO company, however, needs to know this year’s trends.

Quality in Focus

In the past, keeping a factory of fresh content is necessary to be on top. This year, quantity takes a backseat since search engines are now measuring relevance based on the quality of content. Gone are the days when you can keep writing content for the sake of having an article to post. Search engines now prefer heavily researched content than quick, keyword loaded pieces. Even in video content, short videos are no longer trendy. Long form, informative pieces are now the new measure of relevance.

Quality in Backlinks

Before, as long as many sites point back to your website, it can gain a higher rank. Now, search engine algorithms favor reputable websites over websites built simply for SEO purposes. If you are looking to mine visits from backlinks, the sources have to be something people trust. With so much data on the web, these days, people are now more wary of the information they get online. You do not want your business to become affiliated with a site that has been known to spread lies.

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Despite yearly changes in trends, the direction remains in quality. Keep creating quality content and your website will surely gain traffic for the rest of the year.