There is Good in Scrap Metal – You Just Have to Find It

Scrap Metal in Wairau ValleyThere is a new beginning for everything: even for the things no else dares to touch. It can arrive tomorrow, a year from now or even later than that. But, with the ability to speed up the process and earn money from doing so, why wait?

Enter recycling, specifically for discarded metal. It is one of the most substantial components of a circular economy, a vision that has yet to materialise, despite having every reason to. Scrap metal aids not only the people involved in re-introducing them to the cycle, but also the planet as a whole. And as we all know, money is not the only goal associated with green.

Of course, scrap metal has its relatively smaller scale applications, such as the following:

  1. Industrial

Unless all that iron and aluminium ends up inside a road, bridge or building, it will all eventually be left for scrap. From household appliances up to luxury airplanes, large volumes of industrial metal are made available for recycling every day. All one needs to do is seek these ‘rubbish’ piles out. There is large market for these industrial-grade hauls, scrap metal recycling experts from Metal Salvage Services Ltd note, explaining how the costs manufacturing with recycled metal are much lower than that of the newly mined variety.

  1. Manufacturing

It may be surprising, but yes, recycled metal does make for better, stronger products. In between electric arc furnaces for steel and blast/reverberator furnaces for copper, there are higher quality items, lower emissions and significant energy savings to be had.

  1. Artistry

You may have seen one already: scrap metal sculptures ranging from the tiny to the towering. While it is not necessarily as environmentally impactful as the two other applications listed above, scrap-based decorative metalwork helps raise awareness in the potential of this industry often overlooked, with stunning art pieces to boot.

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Recycling is as ‘big picture’ of a service a person – regardless of any status – can do. With scrap metal recycling, everyone can have a hand in preserving the planet by using its own pieces again and again.