These Hacks Will Optimize Your Videos

YouTubeRanking a post with text and images is not the same as video. The approach is different because search engines index them depending on content type, and may give a result to a user based on their query. Changing your strategy for videos allow you to gain a competitive advantage in your niche.

Experts from a Denver-based SEO firm cite the following ways on how you can effectively rank your videos.

The Right Hosting Platform

The platform you choose is important that’s why you need to have a clear objective for selecting one, whether it is to get more traffic or improve brand awareness. If your focus is on the latter, platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube are viable options.

Other choices may help those whose aim is to generate clicks and conversions. Wistia is a host you can consider if your goal is the last two mentioned; this allows you to insert SEO metadata, which boosts the chances of indexation.

An Engaging Thumbnail Photo

The image thumbnail is the first thing a user will see; this can either sway them to view the entire video or look for something else. The picture will make the first impression on potential viewers. Make the most out of this by using the best possible photo to introduce your video.

Include a Transcript

Transcripts do two things for you, make it easy for viewers to follow the content and the second one is that it acts as copy that allows search engines to index it properly. A transcript also widens the audience reach of the video you upload.

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The Importance of the Title and Description

Think of the description and the title of the video as the same as you would make for a blog post. Both have an important role in ranking the video you upload. Try to insert keywords to make it easy for potential viewers to find it.

These are some of the practices you can implement to improve the optimization of your videos. These techniques improve conversion rates and audience reach.