Top 3 Reasons You Should Open a Skatepark

Two Men Skating

Two Men SkatingSome people love them, some people hate them. If the city wants skateboarders doing their ollies and spins out of the street and into somewhere safe, a new venue should be available for them. After all, you can yell all you want at these teenagers to get off your property, but you’ll only be wasting your breath because they will be back, day after day.

While many will see this as a nuisance, someone with an entrepreneurial mindset would see it as an opportunity. You’ll have a particular niche — people who need a private facility — that you can make the most of. Here are some reasons opening up a skate park is ideal:

1. Providing a safe venue for skaters is one way to get a good following. Skaters will have a place to practice their sport and parents will have peace of mind, knowing that their kids are doing it somewhere they’re supposed to. OC Ramps wants to suggest that if you hire a company to build your skate park, ask them for details on how they are going to ensure the skate park passes all city ordinances and safety measures. This is to help minimize injuries, and consequently, lawsuits.

2. Unless you’re a skating legend like Tony Hawk, you’re not becoming a millionaire from a skate park anytime soon. Even though your market is highly specific (which is often a good sign for most startups), you have to remember that most of them are skating only as a hobby. How do you compensate? Sell some merchandise. T-shirts, boards, stickers, and skating equipment can be lucrative parts of your new park, so don’t forget them.

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3. Sometimes, entrance fees and merchandise still doesn’t quite cover the expenses of maintaining a good skate park. This is where people get creative. How do they do it? They host events. Hold tournaments, signing gigs, and other events that could increase the hype over your new venue. You’ll be surprised how easily this can maximize your market.

Owning a skate park is not for everybody. It takes hard work, patience, and a huge amount of determination. With a little effort, though, you can be on your way to a much bigger franchise.