Top Recruitment Trends Your Company Should Look Into

Recruitment in LondonHow do you hire the right talent? Do you put out an advert, get referrals from trusted people in your industry, or do you ask employees to make their recommendations?

The team at KennedyPearce Consulting Ltd find that ongoing development of trainees plays a crucial role in providing a constant pool of talent for its own organisation. As an alternative to this approach in improving your workforce, you can consider the following recruitment trends.

Video Recruitment

Is your organisation the best one there is in the industry? If so, demonstrate it through video. Candidates want to see what it is like to work in your company. They want further insight — and what better way to provide it than through video?

Video recruitment allows you to show company culture, the exciting projects that employees get to work on or the value your business provides in the industry.

‘Hunting’ on Social Media

It is very likely that the talent you seek already has a job. They might not look at adverts, but you can still get their attention on social media. Social recruiting is enabling companies to cast their ‘nets’ wider to find good candidates; the search is not limited to professional networks such as LinkedIn.

Some companies use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to find talent. The key to social recruiting is to use the network that appeals to your target. The appropriate social network should give you a better chance at engaging your preferred candidates.

Talent Mapping

Large-scale businesses with operations in various markets use talent mapping. This recruitment strategy involves using real-time data on skills and talent flows. It allows companies and recruiters to track the best candidates for the job.

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Employees are the lifeblood of any business. They affect reputation. They influence profits. They dictate your company’s status during negative economic growth: will it merely survive or do better than the competition? It only makes good business sense to hire the best people.