Unbelievable Stuff You Can Make Out of Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal in AucklandSet a weekend and rummage through every corner of your house, especially the garage. You’ll surely collect an armful or even a bucketful of scrap metal, and they can come in many forms and sizes.

Scrap metal? Who would’ve wanted it? This is the mindset of many until they’ve discovered what amazing things people can come up with scrap metal. As metal is a limited resource, it’s important to recycle and put them to another good use. If you’re in the same boat, you might want to check some of the things you can produce out of scrap metal:

  • Trinkets

With hard work and skill, you can transform bits of scrap copper wires and steel into a beautiful trinket. For tools, you need a needle-nose plier, a soldering iron or gun, a small amount of metal epoxy — and probably a great deal of patience. Once done, you can come up with several sets of trinkets and metal jewelry that could rival those that characters from RPG games wear. In fact, some have made a living out of this craft so why don’t you?

  • Flowers

Grab a sheet of scrap metal and draw floral patterns on it. Make sure that the sizes aren’t the same, even though the loops and curves of the pattern are similar. Using an aviation tin snip or sheet metal shears, cut your designs and add texture to the curved areas. Put them on top of one another, punch a hole through the center, and insert a metal tube. Using pliers, gently fold the petals up until they resemble a rose.

  • Table Ornaments
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Let your imagination run wild and create some of the most intricate ornaments you can place on top of your table. Shape your scrap metals into a series of loops and curves then bond them together. What can come out might be a beautiful artwork that would earn the praise of a metal art hobbyist.

What if there are still some scraps left?

After completing all your projects, you might still have loads of scrap metal lying around. You might think that what you did was useless, but don’t fret. You can always take the excess scrap metal to a metal recycling plant where they could have some other purpose. In some cases, manufacturers melt them down to produce another type of metal product.

If you have scrap metal lying around your house, it’s not a good idea to mix them with the trash and place them in the garbage bin. Remember, metals can corrode and release great amounts of toxins. By bringing them to a recycling shop, you will be doing the future generation a huge favor.