Ways to Prevent Insects from Damaging Your Carpets

Fluffy Carpet On Laminate FloorThe biggest enemies of all types of carpets are insects and bugs. Different types of insects can damage the carpets seriously. If you notice any insect flying around your home, it could be flying in from outside or from infestation already present in your home. Here are the things you must do to keep bugs from infesting and damaging your carpet.

Check for infestation

This is one of the reasons you should call a residential cleaning service provider in Auckland. Professional cleaners will clean your house thoroughly and check the drawers, cupboards, and storerooms to make sure there is no insect infestation. Bugs love carpets and rugs, as they can grow on wool and fibre.

Look for these signs

There are certain signs you should look out for. Small, dark-coloured insects are the most common ones found in many homes. If you see small patches on your carpet, running deep, this is a sign of moth infestation. If you find webbing or white patches, then your carpet has become a place for larvae to live on.

Normally, when people notice small larvae on their rugs, they do not take immediate action. The truth is that the rug requires immediate clean-up. If you find dry and sandy droppings in the form of clusters, then larvae are definitely thriving on the carpets.

Vacuum and then call the experts

If you have any of the problems mentioned above, vacuum the carpet regularly or as often as every weekend. Clean the carpet and the floor below it and let it dry fully before you place the carpet back. You can also likewise use cedar chips, crystals, flakes and moth ball, but these will help only to a certain extent. They cannot eliminate larvae and eggs.

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To get rid of a large-scale infestation, the eggs and larvae included, call the professional cleaners immediately. Expert carpet cleaning yields reliable and long-lasting results.