What Good Real Estate Agents Do After You Sign the Papers

Real Estate AgentYou have probably heard the line that says, ‘A good agent doesn’t just disappear after the papers are signed’. It is easy to dismiss it as one of those cliché slogans salespeople use, but there may be a lot of truth to it. Otherwise, there would not be write-ups and news reports warning property sellers and home buyers about their disappearing act.

There are a number of reasons real estate agents are in a hurry to leave clients right after a transaction. But, if you find a good one, such as those in First National Mills & Gibbon, then you are in luck. The role of a realtor after the ink dries on the paper covers many of your needs as a buyer or seller.

If You Are a Buyer

Shady agents fool buyers into thinking they are your friend, mostly by keeping appearances. After creating a sense of urgency (telling you how the property needs to be off the market soon) and discreetly forcing you to purchase that house ASAP, which you end up doing, they go off the radar almost immediately.

When this happens, it is highly likely that they do not want you to go interrogating them about the purchase. Chances are, you will find faults in it sooner or later.

A good agent stays in touch and entertains your questions, even after they closed a deal. They know that the purchase does not end with the signing of papers. Other legal processes are involved, and they will help you fulfil those requirements until you begin living in the newly bought home.

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If You Are a Seller

Sellers are more prone to falling victim to shady sales tactics. They assume that their agents share the same goal of selling the property at the maximum price and readily trust them, only to find out that their home sold for a much lower price. Some real estate agents would rather sell many homes faster instead of one at full price. That gives them more commission.

In contrast to the sly sales tactician, a reliable real estate agent aims to build a strong client relationship. The end goal is getting what the client wants, and there is logic behind that. If they build on being able to deliver for their clients, they get potential customers through referrals. Not only can they build trust; they also get to form a solid client base.

Good real estate agents have a reputation to maintain. They are reliable and smart enough to not walk out on you after closing a deal. Why? Because they know that there will be more to come from one good deal.