What Kind of Disciplinarian are You?

Type of DisciplinarianDisciplining children may be one of the most difficult things for a parent. There are various types of disciplining a child. Some may be effective and some not. See what kind of disciplinarian you are.

Discipline is one word that parents would like their children to learn. You can hear many parents complaining about their undisciplined child, which often brings them to do things that could either be good for their children or not. You might also have your own experiences when it comes to disciplining your child, and by now know what kind of disciplinarian you are.


Don’t connect authoritative discipline with “You’re the boss” kind of thing, but do relate it to discipline with love. According to WebMD, an authoritative parent is the best form of parenting. You will know you’re the authoritative disciplinarian if you are affectionate yet at the same time, you lean towards collaborative problem solving. So it’s like a balanced thing where you show love yet you don’t neglect to discipline your child.


You are a boundary-based disciplinarian if you often set limits to discipline your child. According to Vey Well, this kind of discipline would have you setting clear rules, which the child needs to abide so that he would be able to enjoy some perks. If you tell your child to finish something first before he can play or watch TV, then you are a boundary-based disciplinarian.


If your disciplining style is that of an authoritarian, then you may not be practicing an effective way of teaching discipline to your child. Parents who practice this kind of discipline hardly show any affection to their children. This is the “I’m the boss” kind of disciplining that leaves many children feeling abandoned and isolated by their parents. This is hardly effective at all.

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This is the opposite of the authoritarian disciplinarian. Here, you show your child a lot of affection and would often indulge his whims with little or no discipline at all. Without disciplining the child, he will hardly learn discipline so you can’t expect much from him if you’re this type of disciplinarian.

While there is no hard and fast rule as to how you can be the best disciplinarian, it is still noteworthy to constantly make a self-assessment and see whether you are on the right track. So, what kind of disciplinarian are you? Do you consider yourself authoritative, authoritarian, boundary-based or permissive?