What Makes SEO Marketing Work in 2017?

A group of people talking about SEO marketing Search engine optimization or SEO is fast becoming a household word. We now do almost everything over the Internet, so it’s only logical for marketing to follow suit.

But here’s the catch: even though the core principles still stand, the SEO climate can get unpredictable. To be successful, you need to know what practices to stick to and the direction of the industry in 2017 onwards.

Adherence With Google

Google is not the only search engine there is, but it is, without a doubt, the king. It lays the path for digital marketing, and those who can correctly predict their next moves can benefit the most.

Google updates its algorithms to ensure that relevant and useful websites rank highest for search. Others try to circumvent the rules through Black Hat SEO, but here’s a warning: Google penalties are no joke. They can blacklist websites from ranking or mark them “unsafe” for visitors.

LSI in Content Marketing

Keywords and anchor linking are still necessary, but LSI is now playing an even bigger role. Latent Semantic Indexing is the search engines’ method for determining a page’s subject based on its title, and the synonyms and related terms used in the article. Search engines now rank pages with well-written content and LSI terms higher, making it essential to SEO in general. Content marketing experts at C1 Partners agrees, recommending that writers should write for readers while remembering SEO principles.

Mobile Search Optimization

51.3% of Internet browsing is through mobile devices as of October 2016. It’s important for websites to be mobile-optimized, meaning their pages will load fast and register well on mobile devices.

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Ranking factors are also different in mobile search. Google assumes that mobile searchers are looking for more local results, while desktop searchers are expecting a broader scope. This is something to consider for businesses targeting local markets.

Social Media Marketing

It is now imperative for businesses to be active on social media. Consumers are now turning to social media for news and updates. Facebook, for instance, now serves the purpose of websites (providing official and updated information about a business or organization) aside from being a marketing tool.

Mobile-readiness, quality content and social media presence – supplement your SEO campaigns with these elements to succeed in 2017.