Why a Social Media Editorial Calendar is Important

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The content side of social media requires attention, effort and planning. One of the aspects you need to focus on is the editorial calendar. It is a document that schedules the posts you make on different platforms and websites.

Online marketing experts from Singapore cite the following reasons a calendar is important to the success of your current and future campaigns.

Organise Your Posting

An organised method of publishing articles, videos and other content types allows you to build up anticipation for your posts. Your audience needs to know when something will go live. Unpredictability is good, but having a schedule will keep visitors coming back at the time you want them to. Other than this, an organisation of posting enables you to create a rhythm in the creative process. A deadline keeps your creators on their toes and at their best.

Across the Board Consistency

An editorial calendar allows you to create content that is consistent on all your social media accounts. This enables you to check your posts and determine if they display the values of your company and its brand message. This makes it easier for you to create a solid image regardless of where your intended audience sees your content. A clear value proposition gives you a distinct position in the minds of your customers.

Schedule Guest Posts

The calendar is not just for your team, but also for guest bloggers. A schedule allows you to alternate between your posts and guests effectively. This generates interest and piques the curiosity of your intended audience.

Stay Updated

A steady editorial calendar enables you to update posts that may have lost traction. You do not have to remove these. You can refresh their content by inserting recent data, changing the images or using new videos.

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These are only some of the reasons having an editorial calendar is important to your marketing campaigns. Create one to organise your publication schedules and focus of your content.