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Search engines are now focusing on meaningful content compared to its early years where keywords are king and stuffing as many of them in a page will yield positive results. Nowadays, sites that do the latter get penalties and may even lose...

By Admin on Jun 21st, 2018

If you blog or write articles for an online publication, you frequently have to decide whether or not to add images to your article and often, the answer is yes. Pictures make your article look great. They contribute to how often the article...

By Admin on Jun 14th, 2018

Digital marketing is one of the biggest breakthroughs in technology. It’s helped many businesses thrive or regain their success by bringing their marketing efforts online. Some companies offer SEO services, email marketing, and social...

By Admin on Jun 1st, 2018
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Bitcoin was a hot topic in 2017 as the digital currency revolutionized the way people do business online. Last December, in fact, Bitcoin reached a trading peak of over $19,000 and enjoyed other gains. It’s not surprising that a lot of people...

By Admin on May 11th, 2018

When it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), many businesspeople are quite sceptical incorporating it into the mix. They have the impression that SEO is for businesses that have the budget for mass marketing. But that is not always true,...

By Admin on May 9th, 2018

Marketing online requires you to focus on two of the most important things: website and social media. These two are always interconnected. One way of looking at it is this: you always lead your social media’s followers to your website. As...

By Admin on May 1st, 2018

No great website will ever succeed if its search results page rankings are low. With websites competing for a space in the top results of search engines, such as Google and Bing, rankings are important in determining the success of your venture...

By Admin on Apr 20th, 2018

Online businesses thrive on website traffic. The more traffic, the more chances of gaining leads or conversions. As such, you must your best to drive more visitors to your business website. You may implement any of the strategies below to boost...

By Admin on Apr 19th, 2018
Laptop keyboard with 3 wood blocks on top of it that spell S-E-O

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is a process consisting of a set of rules that a website must follow to increase its visibility on search engines. SEO is a very powerful marketing strategy that can put your website and business...

By Admin on Apr 18th, 2018

You may think that social media as a professional tool falls solely within the realm of business, but actually, social media can also extend to healthcare. Individual providers and entire organizations can benefit from social media presence...

By Admin on Apr 16th, 2018