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Although many businesses trust the power of the Internet when it comes to advertising, television still has plenty to offer. You may have read some articles saying that traditional marketing is dead, but the impact of television ads on website...

By Admin on Dec 12th, 2017

A couple of Gap brands plans to provide clients with an online alternative to gift cards for this year’s holiday season. Athleta and Banana Republic will offer the GiftNow Card service to customers that will allow them to purchase any product...

By Admin on Nov 25th, 2017

When done right, search engine optimization, or SEO for short, can bring fantastic benefits to your small business. These days, the Internet has become the great equalizer for the marketplace, giving opportunities for both big and small enterprises. If...

By Admin on Nov 22nd, 2017

Mobile apps were introduced to the public not too long ago, but they have undoubtedly taken over the digital world. Around 77% of the world’s population is estimated to spend a few hours a day on their mobile devices, and business owners...

By Admin on Nov 14th, 2017

In this current age of technology, information is everything. With how high-tech everything has become, some people expect less waiting time and more info. Social media has also come up with different ways everyone can stay connected and informed....

By Admin on Nov 13th, 2017

You hear about search engine optimization (SEO) a lot, but what is it? This is vital in today’s era of online advertising. In writing, keywords call the attention of the reader. When it comes to the Web, SEO means to ensure that a company’s...

By Admin on Nov 13th, 2017

Page speed is an important factor that you must focus on as it affects both customers and your site’s ranking. With shorter attention spans, you’ll need to make a good impression within a few seconds, if you want a visitor to convert or...

By Admin on Nov 2nd, 2017

Some small businesses may still think that online marketing is more of an expense than an investment. As such, they invest poorly and only a little into marketing. In truth, poor strategy largely causes the waste in their marketing spending. PurpleClick...

By Admin on Oct 30th, 2017
Woman checking her restaurant website

About 60-80% of the time, a person or a group turns to the Internet for suggestions on where to eat; so, if you still don’t have a website at this point of the digital craze, you are simply missing out on the action. That’s not just good...

By Admin on Oct 18th, 2017

All companies have an endless list of the new strategies and marketing tools that they want to implement. However, all these require resources in terms of workforce, time and money. Customer relationship management (CRM) automation has stepped...

By Admin on Oct 18th, 2017